Mech Enterprize Mech Enterprize Co.,Ltd

Sales, purchase and rental process

We can respond to a wide range of customer needs.

  • Sales of new construction machinery

    Professionals of construction machinery will help you through your choice, finances and after flow.

  • Purchase and sale of used construction machinery

    We support you at any place with any type of machinery.

Process of purchase

  • On-site assessment

    We will come to you for an assessment of your construction equipment, no matter where it`s located in Japan! Business trip assessment is free of charge.

  • Estimation

    We will provide a high estimation to satisfy our customers.

  • Signing and pickup

    After the signing we will do it speedy from the money transfer to pickup.


  • ラフテレーンクレーンラフテレーンクレーン
  • クローラークレーンクローラークレーン
  • オールテレーンクレーンオールテレーンクレーン
  • 基礎工事用機械基礎工事用機械
  • ホイールローダーホイールローダー
  • 装置装置